Joe Ricciuti

Joe Ricciuti

“Keith has proven himself to be an effective and courageous champion for Thornhill. He successfully rallied the Royal Orchard and broader Thornhill community in opposition to Metrolinx’s egregious and cavalier Option 3 subway alignment and saved 28 homes and properties from being tunnelled under.

And, if that didn’t keep him busy enough, he also saved the Shouldice Hospital and its surrounding land from a planned huge condominium redevelopment. This world-renowned Canadian healthcare facility will continue, and the 20-plus surrounding acres will now become a beautiful public park for generations of Thornhill residents to enjoy.

I can only imagine the endless possibilities for our cherished community when he is re-elected in October!”

33-year resident of Thornhill and President & CEO, SEB Benefits and HR Consulting Inc.

Ian and Dale Reid Endorsement
The Richardsons
The Royal Orchard Ratepayers’ Association letter of endorsement
Bill Crothers

Bill Crothers

“I first met Keith when he was 26 years old and elected to the York Region Board of Education. He was a very effective Trustee distinguishing himself as a member of the Budget, Race Relations and Special Education Advisory Committees. He also played an important role in the introduction of our Safe Schools Policy, one of the first in Ontario. He has been committed to public service all his life and has been a great Councillor for Markham’s Ward 1. I strongly endorse his re-election.”

Canadian Olympic Athlete; Former Trustee & Board Chair, York Region District School Board; Member of the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, and Ontario Sports Hall of Fame

David Grossman Endorsement
Ken Steinberg Endorsement
Bill Hogarth

Bill Hogarth

“I met Keith in 1992 when he was serving as a School Board Trustee and as a member of the interviewing panel that hired me as Director and Secretary/Treasurer of the York Region Board of Education, the fastest growing school board in Canada. I served proudly in that role for 16 years.

When I think of Keith the words integrity, honesty and hardworking come to mind. Of all the Trustees I had the pleasure of working with, he stands out as one of the very best. Why? On key issues Keith consistently asked poignant, relevant questions that represented his constituents while considering the Board as a whole. I am delighted to support him in his re-election. He is a great Councillor and Thornhill residents are fortunate to have him representing them.”

Long-serving Director of Education
York Region District School Board

Dev Chopra
Ms. Dilshad Tavawalla, B.A. (Hon.), LL.M.

Ms. Dilshad Tavawalla, B.A. (Hon.), LL.M.

“I am writing to thank you Councillor Irish for your tireless efforts in successfully advocating on behalf of your constituents. The installation of the traffic control signal at the Waggoners Wells-Steeles Avenue intersection has made crossing much safer for all those who live in this neighbourhood, particularly the elderly and the young children attending the two schools. We appreciate your commitment to the community you represent and thank you sincerely.

It was also wonderful meeting you in person recently. We are so glad to learn that you are pursuing re-election as councillor. Our family’s support and best wishes are with you.

Through your tireless efforts, service and commitment to the constituents of Ward 1, you have ably met the challenges facing our local community. You serve as an outstanding example of dedication and excellence.

Thank you.”

Resident of Ward 1, Thornhill

Lisa and Eugene Sirianni
Chung Seto

Chung Seto

“I have served with Keith on a City of Markham citizen volunteer Board of Directors for several years. I have seen firsthand how he governs and conducts himself with diplomacy, integrity, and accountability.

Now with a full-term under his belt it is clear that Keith Irish is the perfect Councillor to represent Ward 1. Keith has managed numerous ground-breaking projects – from new housing developments to the transit expansion – with genuine compassion and empathy, being a well-respected, powerful, and effective advocate for the residents of Ward 1.

Thornhill needs Keith’s steady hand, experience, and passion to meet the challenges we face today and tomorrow.

My family and I are very proud to support him and to work hard for his re-election.”

22-year Thornhill resident and community volunteer

Richard Steyn endorsement
Landmark III

Norm Gardner

“I was fortunate to serve my community for several years in a number of elected positions – including Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board during challenging times – in North York, Metro Toronto and City of Toronto governments. We demand a lot of our representatives, and we should. I know first-hand what makes a good public servant and Keith has what it takes. When I think of him, I see someone who is honest, inspiring, a good negotiator and unafraid to take strong stands on the tough issues. Keith believes, as I do, that hard work can solve any problem. Not only has he been a great Markham Councillor, but I am also proud to call him a friend. He has my unequivocal endorsement for re-election.”

Former North York, Metropolitan Toronto and Toronto City Councillor and Toronto Police Board Chair; Past Chair of the Board, The Mackenzie Institute

Arnold Korne

“I wish to extend to my personal thanks for all you have done for our community. It is my hope that you will be successful in the upcoming election and we will receive the benefits of your counsel and wisdom over the next period of time.

With many thanks for your service to your constituents and my personal thanks, as well.”

Arnold Korne, Resident of Ward 1, Thornhill

Gillian and Richard Mason

Ted Langdon

“Over the years Keith has been active in the community with minor hockey, Heintzman House, Markham Theatre, York Region District School Board and countless other organizations.

He has served in an exemplary fashion on various Council boards and committees during his recent term. He is passionate and cares about Markham.

Keith is a listener, a consensus builder, and his decisions are well thought out and balanced. He has shown strong leadership and is a person of integrity.

Keith has my full support for re-election as Councillor in Ward 1.”

40-year Markham resident, retired CIBC executive, former Referee-in-Chief of the International Ice Hockey Federation, past Director of Mackenzie Health Foundation, United Way York Region, past member of City of Markham Finance and Economic Development committees, Co-chair York Regional Police Foundation

Frank and Anne Lamie
The Korsons