My Story

I believe in the power of local government to solve problems and positively affect people’s lives.

As a 30-year resident of Ward One I know that our local parks, schools, libraries, places of worship and recreation centres are the anchors that make our community and its neighbourhoods wonderful places to live.

Thornhill Community Hockey League

Thornhill Community Hockey League

However, great communities do not occur by accident.  They take effort.  And, that is why I want to be your Ward One Councillor.

In the thirty years I have been proud to call Thornhill my home, raising a family and operating a business, I have made time to volunteer and give back.  

Represented Ward One for six years as a Public School Trustee on the York Region District School Board.

Coached hockey with the Thornhill Community Hockey League – playing at the Thornhill Community Centre and Clatworthy arenas – for six years and sponsored a team.

Served as a member of Markham’s Heritage Committee.

Was a member of the citizen panel responsible for rewriting the Thornhill Heritage District Guidelines.

Was a member of the Parent Advisory Council of Thornhill Secondary School for four years.

Served as an executive Member of the Ward One South Resident’s Association.

German Mills Heritage Schoolhouse.jpg

Grandview Park Sign.jpg

A member of the Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill (SPOHT) since 1988.

A member, since January 2014, of Markham’s Advisory Committee on Accessibility.

A member, since January 2017, of The Heintzman House Board of Directors and now Chair.